DC Point-of-Sale Systems Training and Technical Support

Training Classes from our Expert Technicians…
What good is a brand new Point of Sale System if you don’t know how to use it? We only offer the most reliable, easy to use POS Software in the industry, but we realize that the learning curve on a new POS System can often be steep. Why waste your time trying to figure things out and then teaching it to your staff when you can take one of our customizable Training Classes? We are proud to offer a FREE Introductory Training Class with every Complete POS System we set up to make sure that you won’t be left in the dark. Most customers find that purchasing additional training is helpful where we can not only get you familiar with your new POS System, but we can show you the tips and tricks that we have learned over the years. Our friendly and experienced technicians have taught thousands of classes, so you’ll be sure to learn your new Point of Sale System quickly and thoroughly with just a few hours of training! We have multiple levels of Training Classes as well as specialized customization services available for purchase – call us today 704-846-0282 for details.

Technical Support…
Technical Support is defined as “services provided in an attempt to solve customer specific problems with a product”. Technical Support, again, does not include training customers on software or hardware functionality or any other hardware or software issue where there is not a non-user related error. Our Training Classes are intended to provide an overview of the POS System and Software and can be directed in any way the customer chooses. The purpose of Technical Support is to assist in troubleshooting system errors, not to provide assistance with using or learning the POS System or Software. Training Classes must be scheduled 24 hours in advance in order to allow our Technicians to dedicate the appropriate amount of time for each class.

Does DC offer Onsite Training and Set-up?
Absolutely. Although our standard online / remote Training Classes and Support are the most cost effective and efficient method, for those clients looking for onsite Setup and Training, we have you covered! Please note that the above Training Packages are not to be used for onsite services. Please call for details on Onsite Training and System Set-up 704-846-0282.

Does DC offer any other services I should know about?

Of course! We are proud to offer additional services such as:

    • Menu Programming
    • Inventory Import
    • Credit Card Setup and Testing
    • Much more!

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*Free Initial Setup Technical Support is exclusively offered with the purchase of any Complete POS System with System Setup (must include a minimum of one PC and one of our Retail / Restaurant software licenses). Technical Support is available from 9:30-5:30 EST, M-F, excludes holidays.
*After Hours Technical Support is available as a Premium Service offering for an additional fee.